Thursday, July 13, 2017

Our song

I wonder if you would make a song about how you feel when you're with me.  Not a song.  A piece of music.  On piano, maybe.  I wonder if, at some future point, within our soon-to-be new home and time, you would just start playing what came out of your fingers inspired by the idea of us, being firmly joined at last.

This is my dream.  A dream of togetherness and closeness.  I wonder if I would need to ask you to play your feelings for me, or if it would just start from your own hearty need.  I think about that future time in which we become us again.  So near, so perfect.

I am yours now.  I wish nothing but to sing along with songs of so many intensities, so many hues and trends.  I am your song already.  I feel nothing but the harmonies that our living waves create around us, and expel into infinity.  I crave nothing but the melodies through which our paths go by.  The music of our hearts playing for the enjoyment of the universe.

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