Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Circle draw

To dwell in one's mind, to live in its unlimited silence. Swinging with the winding meadows of one's very own soul, worn weary, worn out. To not be able to turn around, or to come out. To find fault with everything within, and not be able to mend any of it.

To change perspective. To bring different visions about. To fiercely hurt that which can not be undone, but that can be traced, hunted, and, finally, wounded. Never killed.

To kindly remind ourselves that it is not changing that we need: It is profound awareness of what we actually are, so we can shine. So we can at least help darkness into clarity, into misted garments of pale, dim light.

To roar. To cry. To bear and tear. To heal. To become healed. To appease.

To let others lean. To let others sing. Sing out. To let them do. To let them, for a time, dwell in their minds as well. And find their hearts within.

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